Admissions / Fees - A Guideline

1. All informations regarding admission to classes L.N. upwards shall be notified on the school notice board.
2. Admission Forms will be distributed subject to availability of vacancy in the class.
3. Guardian should fill in the Admission Form, issued, with utmost accuracy. No subsequent changes will be permitted for any reason whatsoever.
4. The candidates will be tested in the standard immediately below that to which they seek admission. The selection for admission shall be made entirely on the results of these tests and subsequent interviews and on no other distinction.
5. The decision of the School authority regarding selection of a Candidate for admission is final and binding. Registration of names for admission in higher classes is done at the begining of the session, if vacancies exist.
6. Admission list will be notified on the fixed dates only.
7. The following certificate and testimonials must be produced at the time of admission.
a) Birth Certificates (Baptism Certificate in case of Christians.)
b) Doctor Certificate of Physical Fitness.
c) Three copies of recent Passport size photographs.
d) Transfer Certificates in case of transfer from other school.
AGE : The table below shows the required minimum age of the children to be eligible for admission in different classes in reference to 1st April of the year in which admission is sought for.

There are two payment modes namely

  • Online Kidz Fees (Class L.N. U.N. & K.G.)

  • Online Fees Class I - XII
  • Class Age
    L. N. 3+ Years
    U.N. 4+ Years
    K. G. 5+ Years
    I 6+ Years
    II 7+ Years
    III 8+ Years
    IV 9+ Years
    V 10+ Years
    VI 11+ Years
    VII 12+ Years
    VIII 13+ Years
    IX 14+ Years
    X 15+ Years
    XI 16+ Years
    XII 17+ Years

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